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Best Places to Live in Manchester

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living in Manchester

Manchester is a busy city, filled with culture, history, and entertainment, as well as being famed for football and higher education. It’s a big place (the UK’s third largest city) with many different suburbs and areas to choose from; consequently, there are many best neighbourhoods in Manchester – it all depends on your personal living requirement. For investors, Manchester provides a wide range of properties to suit all budgets and tenant types.

Key Notes

Here are our top picks:
  • Best for families: While there’s a lot of choice, Didsbury constantly ranks highly for families. Great buildings with plenty of space, well-regarded schools at both primary and secondary level, and a wide variety of exceptional parks make Didsbury one of the best neighbourhoods in Manchester.
  • Best for students: Ancoats is within walking or cycling distance from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, is home to a range of exciting urban flats, and has plenty of nightlife.
  • Best for investors: Most areas of Manchester provide great investment opportunities, but the continued revitalisation of the Northern Quarter put it high on our list for investors today.


Over recent years, Altringham has risen to being one of the most sought-after areas of Manchester. With its excellent transport links, range of great schools, and – most importantly – desirable houses, Altringham is perfect for those looking for a family home or strong investment opportunity.

It’s half an hour or so into Manchester city centre and with both the airport and motorway close by makes a great location for getting further afield.


An historic area of Manchester, Ancoats is considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. The cotton mills from that time remain today, albeit mostly developed for modern usage as flats with impressive ceilings and contemporary styling.

With a focus on flats and its proximity to the city centre and universities, Ancoats has a vibrant student population. This is reflected in its community, with plenty of cafés and restaurants and energetic nightlife.

Ancoats is an area of high-demand, perfect for investors.



During the last decades of the 20th Century, Salford Quays was transformed from an industrial dockyard into a vibrant waterfront location. There, you can find the impressive Lowry arts complex and a range of modern tech companies, making it an excellent location to live for those involved in these thriving industries.

Salford enjoys relatively low house prices for the area, for both rental and sale. This makes it a very attractive location for those looking for a home close to central Manchester without breaking the bank.


Sale has always been a top pick for families. It’s close to the city centre (just a few stops on the Metrolink), with good schools and some excellent parks. The Bridgewater Canal, which runs through the town, is picturesque and provides an enjoyable outside space in all seasons.

There’s also a busy town centre for those days when you’re after a more relaxed shopping trip than a visit to the Trafford Centre.

Sale has a range of houses, from terraced streets to large Edwardian buildings, making it one of the best neighbourhoods in Manchester for family buyers and keen-eyed investors.


For the bohemian artist, Chorlton is one of the best places to live in Manchester. There’s a thriving independent food and drink scene here, which combined with its parks and excellent transportation links to the city centre make this a desirable location for both young professionals and families. The M60 is close by so transport links both into the city centre and farther afield are great.

House prices in Chorlton have shown steady growth for years as this area enjoys continued investment.


Another of the best areas to live in Manchester for those who enjoy waterside properties, Castlefield is an area of transformed warehouses that is filled with historical charm, including cobbled streets and old Roman buildings. It is especially favoured by young professionals looking to live close to the city centre, and there are plenty of independent shops as well as top-quality bars and cafés in the region as a consequence.

There are few areas quite as close to Manchester city centre as Castlefield. All the main transport facilities of Manchester city are within walking distance, making it an incredibly attractive location for property purchase.


Northern Quarter

Another of Manchester’s more creative areas, the Northern Quarter is home to vintage boutiques and street art, making it popular with students, young professionals, and those in creative industries.

There’s plenty of development that is ongoing in the Northern Quarter, with high investment in the area that helps maintain the sector’s popularity. It’s very close to Manchester city centre, which is of course, perfect for those who work or study in the city.

Many consider that the combination of location, popularity, and inviting atmosphere make the Northern quarter the very best place to live in Manchester – and while opinions may differ, it does continue to prove itself as a strong investment location.


Approximately four miles to the south of Manchester city centre, Didsbury is a well-loved area known for leafy tree-lined streets and high quality of life. Perfect for families, Didsbury is another Manchester suburb with excellent schools and a range of beautiful green spaces. Among them is Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, ten acres of well-maintained gardens and wildlife spaces, surrounded by woodland.

Expect to pay a slight premium on property for all this enticing luxury, however, as Didsbury’s house prices tend to be above the local average. For investors, however, this is an excellent opportunity to get a property in a location that has shown itself to be continuously popular.


Investing in Manchester Property

Manchester is one of the best cities in the entire UK to buy property. Continued interest in the location by people from all walks of life guarantees that an investment in Manchester is almost always strong.

At MMC, we are here to help you manage your property to make sure it works for you and not the other way around. Our management team will bring our expertise in marketing and maintaining your property to get you the very best tenants and keep your investment improving year-on-year.

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