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Emergency Property Repairs & Call-Outs

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Emergency Property Repairs & Call-Outs

Despite doing everything right, sometimes things still go wrong. No one knows this better than landlords and homeowners.

When Murphy’s Law kicks in, you need to know that you have your bases covered, and that is why MMC provides an Emergency Call-Out service for all of our clients’ needs totally free of charge for the first 12 months of their time with us.

What Constitutes an Emergency Call-Out?

An Emergency Call-Out is defined as any damage or defect that could pose a risk to the structural integrity of the property or presents an imminent risk or immediate danger to the health and/or safety of the tenant(s) or other current occupants. 

All emergency matters are dealt with directly between the tenant and MMC, meaning little to no involvement of the landlord/property manager being necessary in most cases.

Types of Emergency Call-Outs We Cover

Emergency Call Outs include (but are not limited to):

Emergency Property Repairs & Call-Outs In Manchester FAQs


Whatever the emergency we will answer the call any time of day, any day of the year.

All of our Landscape Gardeners and Technicians are up-to-date and compliant with local building safety codes and regulations. All work carried out by MMC is fully insured and the company holds all required building accreditations:

Certificates & Accreditations

Certificate of Employer’s Liability Insurance (starting at £5 million)

Certificate of Business Insurance (up to £10 million)

ITAP Certification – First Aid Awareness

CPD Certificate – Asbestos Awareness

CITB Certification – Site Safety Plus

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