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Manchester Landscaping Maintenance & Management

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Manchester Landscaping Maintenance & Management

We have undertaken landscaping maintenance and work for our landlord clients for years now, with an immaculate record of client satisfaction. 

With a reputation for adopting a consultative approach to all of our landscaping services, we recognise the importance of properly understanding landlords’ and homeowners’ unique, individual requirements.

Whether you need a simple bit of planting work, or an entire garden revamp, we will take the time to understand what you need to make sure your property is in the right place to rent or sell.

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Landscaping Services Available in Manchester

Garden Design & Construction

Redevelop or recreate part or all of your existing garden and outdoor spaces. If your heart is set on a new, themed garden such as a Japanese Tea Garden, a Woodland Setting or even a Tropical Paradise then look no further.

Paving & Patios

Driveways and patios are often the first element of an outdoor space to fall into disrepair, and they aren’t something you can easily fix yourself with a trowel and good intentions. Our expert Landscape team can do anything from relaying your garden path to repaving your entire driveway to leave your property looking immaculate as a result.


Laying lawns, sewing grass, planting bushes and shrubberies… the MMC Landscape Gardening Team has the expert know-how and experience to fully realise your botanical vision.

Why Choose MMC for Your Landscaping Maintenance & Management?

Free Estimates & Quotations

Considering a project in your garden but concerned about the cost? MMC will give you an estimate and quotation free of charge to allow you to make an informed decision and know what you are getting yourself in for before committing to any work.

Fitting Your Timetable

Our services are planned to fit your desired timetable. We schedule the work when you want it to happen and it will be completed correctly, on time, and in accordance with your specifications.

Licences & Insurance

The MMC Landscape Gardening team in Manchester is both fully licensed and fully insured. Using qualified, experienced professionals with full insurance coverage allows you to feel confident that the job will be done, and done properly.

Manchester Landscaping Maintenance & Management FAQs

The two major differences between a gardener and a landscape gardener are their function and their areas of operation. 

The prime function of a gardener is to maintain existing gardens, and their focus is entirely on plants and plant life.

Landscape gardeners envision, design and create new outdoor spaces, and their work involves both plant life and other elements of the landscape including things like patios, driveways and boundary walls.

A landscape gardener is sometimes referred to as a “hard Landscaper” indicating that they deal with issues relating to other areas of the garden other than the lawn and flower beds.

This can be anything from designing new outdoor living spaces to repairing fences and everything in between.

No. MMC provides landscaping in Manchester to residential properties only.