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What Does a Property Maintenance Company Do?

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property maintenance

Key Summary

  • Property maintenance companies ensure overall health, aesthetics, and functionality of properties.
  • Services include gardening, painting, electrical and plumbing tasks, and safety checks.
  • Hiring these companies provides expertise, cost-efficiency, time-saving, enhanced property value, and safety.
  • Costs vary, with medium properties averaging £200-£500 per month for comprehensive maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance enhances property longevity, aesthetics, and functionality.

What Does a Property Maintenance Company Do?

When we think of property, often it’s the tangible brick and mortar that comes to mind, however, preserving the value and function of any property extends beyond its visible exterior. 

This is where a property maintenance company steps in, ensuring the property’s comprehensive health, aesthetics, and functionality. Their responsibility is not just to reactive repairs but also proactive measures to avert potential issues that could be more costly and serious.

Fact: Every year, 30% of homeowners face unexpected emergency repairs, highlighting the unpredictability of home maintenance needs and costs.

Let’s delve deeper into the essential services a typical UK property maintenance company offers.

Gardening and Landscaping

gardening and landscaping

The exterior of a property is the first impression and, often, a reflection of what lies within. Property maintenance companies take the task of maintaining the greenery seriously. They offer expertise in:

Lawn Management

Regular mowing and de-weeding to ensure a lush, green lawn.

Tree and Shrub Care

Periodic trimming and pruning, ensuring they’re disease-free and robust.

Floral Arrangements

Periodic trimming and pruning, ensuring they’re disease-free and robust.


Maintenance of non-living features like pathways, patios, and garden benches.

Painting and Decorating

painting and decorating

A fresh coat of paint is more than just aesthetics; it’s about protection too. Property maintenance companies provide:

Interior Painting

Using moisture-resistant paints in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Exterior Painting

Using weather-resistant paints that protect from the UK’s frequent rains and moisture.

Decorative Finishes

Wallpaper installations, mural designs, and other bespoke interior features.

Mould Prevention

Using specialised paints and techniques to prevent mould, especially in damp-prone areas.

Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance

electrical plumbing and maintenance

The lifeline of any property lies in its wires and pipes. Ensuring their optimal functionality is crucial.

Electrical Services

Routine inspections of wiring, fixing faulty sockets, ensuring safe electrical connections.

Plumbing Solutions

Addressing issues like leaks, blockages, or broken pipes and repairing broken bathrooms. Also, conducting periodic checks to prevent issues like frozen pipes in winters.

Appliance Checks

Ensuring appliances are safely connected and function efficiently.

Building and Carpentry

building and carpentry

Maintaining the structural integrity of a property is paramount to its safety and longevity.

Minor Repairs

Addressing issues like broken doors, windows, or leaky roofs.

Major Renovations

Overhauling spaces, room extensions, or revamping old structures.

Bespoke Carpentry

Designing and creating custom fixtures, like bookshelves, cabinets, or unique furniture pieces.

Cleaning Services

cleaning services

Hygiene and cleanliness directly impact the well-being of the property’s inhabitants.

Routine Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning of all areas of the property.

Deep Cleaning

Intensive cleaning sessions focusing on areas often missed during routine cleaning, such as vents, behind appliances, or deep carpet cleans.

Specialised Cleaning

Tailored services for commercial properties or post-renovation clean-ups.

Pest Control

pest control

A pest-free environment is integral to the health of the residents and the structural safety of the property.

Routine Inspections

Checking for signs of infestations like rodent droppings, termite trails, or nests.


Using eco-friendly methods and chemicals to rid the property of pests.

Preventative Measures

Offering solutions to ensure pests don’t return, like sealing gaps, recommending safe waste storage, etc.

Safety Checks

safety checks

Ensuring a property is safe for habitation and adheres to regulations is a non-negotiable aspect of property maintenance.

Fire Safety

Checking alarms, fire exits, and sprinkler systems.

Structural Assessments

Periodic checks to ensure the building’s foundation and structure are sound.

Hazard Assessments

Looking for potential hazards like loose railings, uneven flooring, or potential electrical issues.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Property Maintenance Company?

Property maintenance isn’t just about looks. It’s about ensuring safety, functionality, and value. Let’s explore why hiring professionals for this job can be a game-changer.

Expertise and Experience

Property maintenance companies have trained teams ready for any task, from plumbing to landscaping. They use the latest techniques and can spot potential issues that most of us might miss. Their experience means quality work every time.


Hiring professionals can save money in the long run. They catch and fix small problems before they become big, expensive ones. Many offer service packages, giving you more for your money and reducing future repair costs.


These companies work efficiently, getting jobs done quickly. They can set up regular checks, so you don’t have to remember. And if something unexpected pops up, many offer emergency services to tackle issues right away.

Enhanced Property Value

A well-kept property looks good and functions better. This boosts its market value. So, when it’s time to sell or rent, a maintained property is more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.


Safety is crucial. Maintenance companies routinely inspect properties for hazards, from wiring issues to leaky pipes. They make sure everything meets local safety rules, reducing risks and giving peace of mind.


Having one company handle all your property needs is easier. No juggling different providers. They offer tailored services, making sure your property gets what it needs. Plus, they handle all the paperwork, keeping things simple for you.

Property Maintenance Pros and Cons Summary



Cost of Property Maintenance Company

When considering the engagement of a property maintenance company in the UK, it’s vital to factor in several variables that influence the overall cost. The price you’ll pay largely depends on the property’s size, the array of services you opt for, and the frequency with which these services are provided.

Medium-sized Properties

You might expect to invest in a comprehensive maintenance package that generally falls between £200 to £500 per month. This typically covers routine tasks such as gardening, minor repairs, and regular inspections.

Larger Property

If you own a larger property, however, or require more specialised services, such as extensive plumbing work, significant renovations, or advanced electrical installations, the costs can rise substantially. It’s also worth noting that certain tasks, like emergency repairs or bespoke renovations, might carry premium charges due to their urgent or customised nature.

In essence, while average estimates provide a ballpark figure, it’s always recommended to seek tailored quotes from multiple companies. This approach ensures you get a clear picture of the financial commitment while also gauging the value offered by different providers.

Property Maintenance Cost Summary

Service Average Cost
Gardening & Landscaping £40 – £60 per hour
Painting & Decorating £100 – £200 per room
Electrical Maintenance £40 – £70 per hour
Plumbing Maintenance £50 – £80 per hour
Building & Carpentry £20 – £50 per hour
Cleaning Services £10 – £20 per hour
Pest Control £50 – £150 per session

Is Hiring a Property Management Company Worth It?

For property owners juggling multiple responsibilities, hiring a property management company can be a game-changer.

The convenience they offer by taking over tasks like tenant communication, overseeing repairs, or handling financial aspects can significantly reduce the stress and time commitments that property ownership can bring. 

Furthermore, having professionals manage the intricacies of a property can lead to more efficient operations, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and correctly the first time around.

On the flip side, there’s the cost consideration. While there’s an upfront expenditure associated with these services, one must weigh this against the long-term benefits. 

Mistakes in property management can be costly, and by investing in expert services, owners could save substantially in the long run. Additionally, the consistent maintenance and care provided by a professional company can enhance the property’s appeal and market value. 

Ultimately while there’s a financial commitment involved, the advantages often justify the expense for many property owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does property maintenance include?

Property maintenance includes a wide array of services, such as gardening, painting, electrical and plumbing work, building and carpentry tasks, cleaning, and pest control.

How often should one schedule property maintenance?

The frequency varies based on specific needs. For instance, gardening might be weekly, while electrical checks could be annual.


Understanding what is property maintenance is pivotal for property owners aiming to retain or enhance the value and safety of their asset. Investing in regular maintenance means owners can ensure the longevity, aesthetics, and functionality of their property. 

Moreover, with the wide-ranging services that professional companies offer, managing and maintaining a property becomes significantly more streamlined and efficient.

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