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How to Work Out The Fair Rent Value in Manchester

Table of Contents
fair rental value

Key Summary

  • Factors that influence fair rental value include location, property size, and market demand.
  • Seeking professional advice can help to ensure you have accurately calculated a fair rental value.
  • Researching comparable properties, calculating average rental prices, and making adjustments based on property-specific factors are key steps in determining fair rental value.

Why is Fair Rental Value Important for Landlords?

Fair rental value is the optimal rental price that landlords can charge for a property, taking into account factors such as location, property attributes, market conditions, and local regulations. Landlords need to be aware of fair rental value as it directly impacts their financial success and tenant retention. 

Setting an appropriate rental price ensures a fair return on investment, attracting potential tenants who perceive the value in relation to the property and location. 

Overpricing a rental property may result in extended vacancies and financial losses, while underpricing can lead to missed opportunities for increased revenue. Being knowledgeable about fair rental value empowers landlords to make informed decisions, balance profitability and market demand, and establish long-term tenant relationships.

How to Determine Fair Rental Value

determine fair rental value

Several factors influence fair rental value, reflecting both local market conditions and specific property attributes. Understanding these influencers helps landlords make accurate calculations:

1. Location

The location of a property significantly affects its fair rental value. Desirable areas in Manchester, such as the city centre or popular suburbs like Trafford Park, often command higher rental prices due to their proximity to amenities, transport links, and employment opportunities. Properties in less sought-after areas, on the other hand, may have lower fair rental values, meaning adjustments are necessary to align with market expectations.

2. Property Size, Condition, and Amenities

The size, condition, and amenities offered by a property play a pivotal role in determining fair rental value. Larger properties generally have higher fair rental values, while well-maintained and modernised properties tend to command a premium. In addition, amenities such as parking spaces, gardens, or access to leisure facilities contribute to the perceived value of a rental property, allowing landlords to adjust the rental price accordingly.

3. Market Demand and Competition

Market demand and competition directly impact fair rental value. A high-demand rental market with limited supply empowers landlords to set higher rental prices, while a saturated market may require competitive pricing to attract tenants. Keeping up to date on market conditions, monitoring rental trends, and staying informed about competing properties in Manchester are all essential tools for accurate fair rental value calculations.

4. Local Regulations and Rent Control

Landlords must also consider local regulations and potential rent control measures that may affect fair rental value. Familiarity with Manchester’s rental laws, tenant rights, and any rent control policies can help landlords navigate legal requirements and ensure compliance while determining fair rental prices.

5. Property Age

The age of a property can influence its fair rental value. Newer properties or those that have undergone recent renovations may command higher rental prices, as they are perceived as more modern, well-maintained, and attractive to potential tenants. On the other hand, older properties or those in need of significant repairs may require adjustments to align with market expectations.

6. Included Utilities

The inclusion or exclusion of utilities in the rental price can impact fair rental value. Properties that include utilities such as water, electricity, gas, or internet may be more appealing to tenants, allowing landlords to set higher rental prices. If tenants are responsible for paying utilities separately, the fair rental value will need to be adjusted to reflect this.

7. Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a rental property also affects its fair rental value. Properties with more bedrooms and bathrooms generally command higher rental prices, as they offer more space and convenience for tenants. Landlords should consider the size and layout of their property and make appropriate adjustments to the fair rental value based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available.

Fair Rental Value Calculations

To calculate fair rental value accurately, landlords can follow these steps:

Step 1: Research Comparable Properties

Conduct thorough research to identify similar properties in Manchester with comparable size, location, and amenities. Analysing the rental prices of these properties provides a benchmark for estimating fair rental value.

Step 2: Adjust for Property Differences

Carefully evaluate the unique attributes of your property compared to the comparable properties identified in the previous step. Make adjustments to the estimated fair rental value based on differences in size, condition, amenities, or any other relevant factors that set your property apart.

Step 3: Consider Market Conditions

Assess the current rental market conditions in Manchester. You will need to take into account the demand, supply, and competition to determine whether rental prices need to be adjusted to reflect market trends and fluctuations.

Step 4: Seeking Professional Assistance

While landlords can undertake fair rental value calculations independently, enlisting the help of experts, such as MMC, can provide added assurance and accuracy. Using a business that specialises in property management and has extensive knowledge of the local rental market in your area can offer invaluable insights as they will utilise comprehensive data and industry expertise to ensure precise fair rental value calculations.

Example of Fair Rental Valuation

fair rental value calculations

When it comes to working out what a fair rental value is for a Manchester property, let’s consider a 2-bedroom apartment located in a sought-after part of the city.

Begin by researching similar properties in the area, focusing on 2-bedroom apartments with comparable size, amenities, and condition. Suppose you find three apartments with rental prices of £1,000, £1,100, and £1,200 per month.

Calculate the average rental price by adding up the rental prices of the comparable properties and dividing the sum by the number of properties. In this case, the total is £3,300, and dividing by three gives an average rental price of £1,100 per month.

Next, make adjustments based on any unique attributes of your property. For example, if your apartment offers additional amenities or features, you may add a premium to the average rental price. Conversely, if there are any shortcomings or necessary repairs, you may need to adjust the rental value accordingly. Let’s assume our example property is slightly larger, resulting in an increased rental value of £1,200 per month.

Consider the current market conditions in Manchester. Factors such as high demand, limited supply, or notable trends can influence rental prices. If the market is competitive and there is a strong demand for 2-bedroom apartments, you might consider increasing the rental value to £1,250 per month to reflect the favourable market conditions.


Accurately determining the fair rental value allows landlords to set competitive rental prices, attract tenants, and optimise their investment returns. With factors such as similar properties and market conditions altering the fair rental value, it is worth considering seeking professional advice.

Maximise your rental income and ensure tenant satisfaction with MMC’s professional services. For expert guidance on properties in Manchester and accurately determining the fair rental value, contact MMC today.